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Ohio Court Records

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Hamilton County Court Records

Hamilton County court records are all official materials filed with or generated by a court clerk in the course of a legal proceeding within state limits. In this context, court records do not include a court's administration records. They include transcripts, electronic records, trial exhibits, motions, docket information, pleadings, indictments, videotapes, photographs, etc.

The maintenance of court records in Hamilton County, Ohio helps to:

  • Ensure legal transparency by ensuring that all decisions and actions of the judiciary are subject to public scrutiny.
  • Foster accountability in the judicial system while preserving legal history.
  • Enable the general public and other relevant stakeholders to hold members of the judiciary accountable for their actions.

Are Court Records Public in Hamilton County?

Yes. Per the Ohio Public Records Act, all public agencies must make records related to executing their duties available to the public. Interested persons may obtain public records in a reasonable time and manner without disclosing their search intent. However, certain documents may be exempt from public disclosure.

Non-disclosable court documents include, but are not limited to, those related to the following:

  • Sealed court records
  • Documents containing sensitive details like a person's social security number
  • Certain family law matters, such as child custody or adoption paperwork
  • Mental health proceedings
  • Arrest records about a defendant proven innocent of an alleged crime.

Hamilton County Court Records Search

All non-confidential Hamilton County court records are available for public inspection and copying via the following methods:

  • At the office of the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts
  • At the office of the clerk of the court that handled the case
  • Online searchable information repositories, managed by the clerk of the originating courthouse
  • Third-party aggregate databases, available online.

Hamilton County Court Records Search by Name

To perform a name-based search for Hamilton County court records, the searching party must enter the first and last names of a case party in an online searchable database or submit the names to the courthouse clerk who handled the case. This aids a search by retrieving all active and closed case records to which the name is a party. Most kinds of court records are searchable by name, including but not limited to criminal, marriage, criminal, and civil records.

The Hamilton County Clerk of Court, for example, maintains an online repository for record searches. Name-based court case searches at courthouses are typically free. However, a searcher must pay a stipulated fee for document duplication if needed. The applicable fees depend on several factors, such as the number of pages a person prints and whether they wish to certify the record.

Record-seeking parties must fulfill specific requirements depending on the kind of record, the record custodian, and the mode of access. As such, record requesters are advised to contact the custodian of any record of interest for inquiries about the availability of the record they seek and the applicable requirements.

Hamilton County Courts

In Hamilton County, the judicial system comprises the Court of Common Pleas, County Courts, Municipal Courts, Mayor's Courts, and the Court of Claims. The Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas further comprises a General Divisions Court and other courts with specialized divisions, namely, the Domestic Relations Division, Juvenile Division, and Probate Division.

These courts hear a wide range of cases, including criminal cases, domestic relations issues, civil disputes, juvenile cases, and probate cases.

The addresses and contact information of the various courts in Hamilton are as follows:

Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas - Domestic Relations Division
800 Broadway Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 946-9000
Fax: (513) 946-9012

Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas - General Division
1000 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 946-5656
Fax: (513) 946-5660

Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas - Juvenile Court
800 Broadway
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 946-9400

Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas - Probate Division
William Howard Taft Center
230 E 9th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 946-3580
Fax: (513) 946-3581

Hamilton County Municipal Court - Civil Division
1000 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 946-5700

Hamilton County Municipal Court - Criminal Division
Hamilton County Justice Center
1000 Sycamore Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 946-6010

Addyston Mayor's Court
235 Main Street
P.O. Box 536
Addyston, OH 45001
Phone: (513) 941-1313

Amberley Village Mayor's Court
7149 Ridge Road
Cincinnati, OH 45237
Phone: (513) 531-2040

Arlington Heights Mayor's Court
601 Elliott Avenue
Arlington Heights, OH 45215
Phone: (513) 821-2076
Fax: (513) 821-0183

Blue Ash Mayor's Court
4343 Cooper Road
Blue Ash, OH 45242
Phone: (513) 745-8554
Fax: (513) 745-8598

Cheviot Mayor's Court
3814 Harrison Avenue
Cheviot, OH 45211
Phone: (513) 946-6040 (Criminal)
Phone: (513) 946-6041 (Traffic)

Cleves Mayor's Court
101 North Miami Avenue
Cleves, OH 45002
Phone: (513) 941-1212

Deer Park Mayor's Court
777 Blue Ash Road
Deer Park, OH 45236
Phone: (513) 791-8056
Fax: (513) 794-8875

Elmwood Place Mayor's Court
6118 Vine Street
Elmwood Place, OH 45216
Phone: (513) 242-2578
Fax: (513) 242-0757

Evendale Mayor's Court
10500 Reading Road
Evendale, OH 45241
Phone: (513) 956-2692

Fairfax Mayor's Court
5903 Hawthorne Avenue
Fairfax, OH 45227
Phone: (513) 272-9941

Forest Park Mayor's Court
1203 W Kemper Road
Forest Park, OH 45240
Phone: (513) 595-5224

Glendale Magistrate Court
301 E Sharon Road
Glendale, OH 45246
Phone: (513) 771-7645

Golf Manor Mayor's Court
6450 Wiehe Road
Golf Manor, OH 45237
Phone: (513) 531-3108

Greenhills Mayor's Court
11000 Winton Road
Greenhills, OH 45218
Phone: (513) 825-2101

Harrison Mayor's Court
300 George Street
Harrison, OH 45030
Phone: (513) 202-8456
Fax: (513) 367-3713

Indian Hill Mayor's Court
6525 Drake Road
Indian Hill, OH 45243
Phone: (513) 561-6500

Lincoln Heights Mayor's Court
1201 Steffen Avenue
Lincoln Heights, OH 45215
Phone: (513) 733-5900 ext. 9
Fax: (513) 733-4190

Lockland Mayor's Court
101 N Cooper Avenue
Lockland, OH 45215
Phone: (513) 761-1124 ext. 105
Fax: (513) 761-4948

Madeira Mayor's Court
7141 Miami Avenue
Madeira, OH 45243
Phone: (513) 272-4214
Fax: (513) 272-4211

Mariemont Mayor's Court
6907 Wooster Pike
Mariemont, OH 45227
Phone: (513) 271-4089

Montgomery Mayor's Court
Montgomery Safety Center
10150 Montgomery Road
Montgomery, OH 45242
Phone: (513) 985-1606
Fax: (513) 985-0870

Mt. Healthy Mayor's Court
7700 Perry Street
Mt. Healthy, OH 45231
Phone: (513) 931-8840
Fax: (513) 728-3189

Newtown Mayor's Court
Municipal Center Building
3537 Church Street
Newtown, OH 45244
Phone: (513) 561-7697 ext. 16

North College Hill Mayor's Court
1646 W Galbraith Road
North College Hill, OH 45239
Phone: (513) 521-1594

Norwood Mayor's Court
4701 Montgomery Road
Norwood, OH 45212
Phone: (513) 458-4535

Reading Mayor's Court
1000 Market Street
Reading, OH 45215
Phone: (513) 733-5768
Fax: (513) 733-5226

Sharonville Mayor's Court
10900 Reading Road
Sharonville, OH 45241
Phone: (513) 563-1146
Fax: (513) 563-1290

Silverton Mayor's Court
6860 Plainfield Road
Silverton, OH 45236
Phone: (513) 792-6561
Fax: (513) 936-6247

Springdale Mayor's Court
12105 Lawnview Avenue
Springdale, OH 45246
Phone: (513) 346-5778

St. Bernard Mayor's Court
4200 Vine Street
St. Bernard, OH 45217
Phone: (513) 242-2727
Fax: (513) 482-7234

Terrace Park Mayor's Court
428 Elm Avenue
Terrace Park, OH 45174
Phone: (513) 831-2137
Fax: (513) 831-9236

Woodlawn Mayor's Court
10143 Woodlawn Boulevard
Woodlawn, OH 45215
Phone: (513) 772-1273
Fax: (513) 771-4028

Wyoming Mayor's Court
Safety Services Building
600 Grove Avenue
Wyoming, OH 45215
Phone: (513) 821-0141
Fax: (513) 821-8609

Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas Case Search

Court case records maintained by the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas are searchable online via the court's Record Search page. Search parameters include case numbers, party names, and common pleas lien numbers. To access records unavailable on this website, submit a request online or visit the clerk's office at:

Hamilton County Clerk of Courts
1000 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on public holidays.

Hamilton County District Court Records

Hamilton County does not have a district court. However, it has a First District Court of Appeals, which is not equivalent to a district court. The First District Court hears matters appealed from courts of lower jurisdiction and has legal authority to preside over various case types, including civil, criminal, traffic, and probate proceedings. Visit the website of the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts for record searches.

Hamilton County Criminal Records

The county sheriff and law enforcement agencies typically maintain Hamilton County criminal records. All criminal records, including Hamilton County arrest and inmate records, are public.

Hamilton criminal records are obtainable during criminal record checks at the Hamilton County Justice Center Records Division. Criminal record checks with this custodian can only be done in person, with or without a pre-scheduled appointment. Record seekers are required to pay varying fees depending on the searched jurisdiction.

  • Local (within Hamilton County) checks cost $5
  • Statewide (BCI) checks cost $32
  • Nationwide (FBI) checks cost $36

Alternatively, interested parties may submit a Public Records Request to the county sheriff's office for records.

Hamilton County Criminal Court Case Lookup

The Criminal and Traffic Records search portal can be used to find Hamilton County criminal records for criminal cases filed with the county's judicial system. This database is searchable by a person's first and last name. Inquirers may filter the search results by providing additional details, such as a date of birth, company name, and a date range.

For in-person searches, visit the courthouse that handled the criminal case whose records you seek. In Hamilton County, few courts have jurisdiction over criminal cases, mainly the Court of Common Pleas and Municipal Courts. Juvenile courts may hear certain criminal cases involving minors. Before a visit, contact the court clerk via contact details provided on their website for applicable fees and record request procedures.

Get Hamilton County Civil Court Records

Records related to most Hamilton County civil court cases are available to the public. The clerk of a court (where a case was handled) is the primary custodian of all associated records and is responsible for making them available to record requesters.

The modes of access to court records vary between courts. Courts typically allow physical inspection by interested individuals at the courthouse during operating hours—endeavor to confirm the availability of records before visitation to confirm the custodian's record request procedures.

The Hamilton County Clerk of Courts provides a case search feature on its website to enable remote access to civil and other court records. Further, certain court clerks offer similar online tools on their official websites. Regardless of the custodian, these databases are typically searchable by a case number or the first and last name of a record's party.

Hamilton County Family Court Records

The Hamilton County Court of Domestic Relations is the county's equivalent of a county family court in other jurisdictions. The domestic relations court handles all family-related cases, such as marriage dissolutions, child support, domestic violence, and divorces. It also maintains all records related to non-criminal domestic and marital disputes.

For all family-related court documents, including certified copies of divorce decrees handled by this court, visit the Document Center of the court, located at

Room 315
Hamilton County Courthouse
1000 Main Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 946-5693

Alternatively, contact the Domestic Relations Copy Desk at

800 Broadway Avenue
Room 347
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 946-9000
Fax: (513) 946-9012

Hamilton Dissolution of Marriage Records

The Hamilton County Court of Domestic Relations manages Hamilton County's dissolution of marriage records. The court does not provide an online search tool for access to records, so they are only available for physical inspection at designated locations.

Hamilton County Marriage and Divorce Records

Copies of all civil marriage records can be retrieved from the Hamilton County Probate Court online database. All records are available in image format on the Marriages page of the court website. The Hamilton County Probate Court maintains an online index where interested parties can search for marriage licenses issued since 1974. This index is searchable by full name and case number. Marriage records issued from 1808 to 1973 are available on an online Marriage License Archive.

Divorce cases are filed at the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas. Records pertaining to these cases are also available online, courtesy of the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts. These records are searchable via the Name Search feature of the clerk's website. Further, individuals can submit a self-addressed request for record documents when they fill out a Common Pleas Form. Requests can be submitted by mail, in person, or by fax and must contain identifying details about the case of concern, such as the case number, date of filing, and names of parties involved. The aforementioned details are obtainable from the divorce search index mentioned earlier.

Hamilton Birth and Death Records

The primary custodians of birth and death records in Hamilton County are the Hamilton County Probate Court and the Ohio Department of Health Office of Vital Statistics. The Hamilton County Probate Court online search tool only contains records of births between 1863 and 1908.

Records for deaths that occurred between 1881 and 1908 are also available online on the Death Records page of the probate court's website. Contact the court clerk for inquiries on how to obtain recent records.

Hamilton County death records document death events for deceased county residents and contain various information, including date of death, marital status, last residence, race, place of birth, occupation, cause of death, parents' name, and certifying physician.

Hamilton County Probate Court Records

Hamilton County Probate Court has jurisdiction over various legal matters, including adoption proceedings, guardianship disputes, marriage license and certificate issuance, wills, and specialized civil proceedings. The court also maintains all records on cases it presides over and allows interested individuals to view records online.

Except for marriage licenses and mental health records, records on all cases filed at the Hamilton County Probate Court are available on the court's Case Search page. The page contains a case index, which a user can expand to view an image of a case's docket entry. Users can also print the displayed images. Check the court's schedules and opening hours on their website before making in-person visits to the courthouse located at:

William Howard Taft Center,
230 East Ninth Street, 9th and 10th floors
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.
Phone: (513) 946-5200

Hamilton County Property Records

The office of the Hamilton County Recorder is the primary custodian of property records for all real property located within the county's jurisdictional limit. Property records within the recorder's purview include liensmortgages, plats, partnership documents, deeds, easements, leases, and other miscellaneous property documents.

Available on the recorder's website for searches are record indexes and images, which are accessible for free. Property search databases are typically searchable using a property owner's name, parcel number, or address. For further inquiries, visit the county recorder's office at

138 E Court Street
Suite 209
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 946-4561
Fax: (513) 946-4568

Office hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Record seekers should check the resources provided by other related agencies for property records not obtainable from the recorder's repository. Relevant offices include the County Auditor, the Ohio Secretary of State, and the County Treasurer. The county treasurer, for example, maintains all tax-related records. Visit their official websites for contact information.

Hamilton County Court Records Online

Due to its convenience, online access to Hamilton County court records is the most popular method for sourcing court documents. Interested individuals can access records on government-operated and third-party websites. Third-party websites like courtrecords.us are typically commercial and operated by private information service providers.

Records available on these websites are usually gathered from various official sources, mainly courthouses and other government-operated information repositories. Third-party websites are most valuable when a searcher is unsure of the specific courthouse in which a case was adjudicated because of their multijurisdictional coverage.

To retrieve all records associated with a party to a case of interest, a user only has to enter the first and last name of that party. While searches on these sites are primarily name-based, some allow case numbers as a search parameter. Note that to access complete reports from many of these sites, users have to pay a fee. Users are advised to verify information obtained from third-party websites against that acquired from official sources to ensure its completeness and accuracy.

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  • Death Records
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